The 5 Most Important Things to Grow Your BusinessHey friend!

Every business owner out there wants their business to thrive. We’re all pursuing success, happy customers, big email lists, engaged followers, and of course, good compensation for all the hard work! To achieve all that without establishing your business’s foundation is a dream that’s impossible to live out.

Well, I will share the foundation that has made my creative business a sustainable SUCCESS, so you can begin to craft your own, too!



Defining your “WHY” should be the #1 task for any business. Creating a heart-driven business is the key to keep us enthusiastic about our daily tasks. The purpose should fulfill your needs and the needs of others: your clients. If your purpose is to help others through the things you love to do, then there’s no way your business is not going to succeed. For instance, when creating digital goods, my purpose is not to sell, but to help other creatives to increase their income and build their dream jobs. Writing down my purpose made it feel more real. So, I encourage you to begin by putting it on paper from the very beginning.



Hey, creatives, we love to create, but planning sounds boring! Well that was what I thought years ago.

Planning takes time, but at the end of the day, it saves your time, money, and energy in the long run. Planning your content, posts, products, events, activities, and launches is probably the best thing you can do for you and your brand. It takes the pressure off having to solve tasks at the last minute, and rush yourself and others to make things happen.

After years of improvising, planning has been the best thing that ever happened to my business. And now, I’ m obsessed with it…in the best way possible. (My best tool to plan lately is Asana)



Autopilot is the top secret of many successful creatives out there. I’ve realized that if you want to dedicate yourself to the things you reaaally love, you have to create processes that are able to be automatized. I love when I send an email campaign and earn $3000+ in a weekend, just by hitting the SEND button. And it’s even better if I automatize four emails for a whole month in a single afternoon.

Actually, I automatized this free resource you’re getting now many months ago. I loooove to get out of the picture by setting things on autopilot! I decided to create a system where I get hundreds of subscribers, and I made sure every one of them is well-served with a welcome email sequence full of free resources and valuable content. It took me weeks to get this done, but it was worth it. Automatize blog posts, emails, sales, launches, and client follow up, so you can keep your head on the things you love and enjoy the most, and of course, the things that make your business profitable. Makes sense, right?



Serve, serve and serve. Overdeliver on everything you do! Surprise your audience with more than they expect, and you will stand out from the crowd. Yes! It takes work, but it will pay in the long run. Believe in your heart of hearts that you will not lose anything by giving!

I’ve learned and confirmed that over eight years of giving monthly freebies to my people, that this has allowed me to build my email list to 57K+. And it’s growing! So, I couldn’t imagine my business without giving back. It just wouldn’t be where it is today, this I know.



Maybe you didn’t expect to be on the list of the most important things to grow your business, but sure you are! And I don’t mean you behind the scenes working hard to make all this happen. Whatever stage your brand, company, or purpose is at, you as a human have the power of connection and engagement like nothing else in the world. People are tired of empty advertising campaigns and perfect product pictures. Real people want to engage with REAL PEOPLE. They want to know the person behind your product, your mistakes, your good and bad days, your struggles and how human you are, just like them.


So there you have it, my friend! I’ve found these things to be KEY to my business’s success, and maybe they will be game-changers for yours, too. Now, it looks like the universe is bringing this to your attention. So what’s your next move, boss?

How can you begin implementing this for your brand? How can you shift your mindset to start building a solid foundation for your biz today?

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- 5 foundations of a successful creative business - 5 foundations of a successful creative business




The 5 Most Important Things to Grow Your Business

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