The 3 Biggest Mistakes that Were Holding Me Back

Mistakes?? I’ve made bazillions… I’m an expert !! The silver lining is that when we err, we have an opportunity to learn and make things better! Isn’t that cool?

Well, maybe it’s time for a quick confession… I was running a successful business; making six figures a year, doing what I loved, had a stable income, was traveling the world and even making money while I slept. Everything seemed perfect!!

But, something was holding me back from feeling like I had complete freedom, sustainability, and personal satisfaction. After I meditated on it for a year, I realized I was making these three big mistakes.

No purpose:

Hey, this confession is hard for me. I consider myself passionate about my job, but after ten years in the same line of work, I felt I needed to define a new PURPOSE; something that keeps my enthusiasm cup filled to the brim everyday! It took me some time to discover and craft a meaningful purpose because I was stuck in my daily routine. I didn’t have time to stop and reinvent myself and my business. But one day, I reached the tipping point. I made myself take a break to tackle this once and for all, and I finally wrote down MY PURPOSE.

If you’re creatively stuck and don’t know where you want to be a year from now, maybe it’s time for you to think about this. Pause your endless to-do list to figure out your PURPOSE!! What really matters to you? How are you fulfilling your creative needs? How do you see yourself and your life in the coming years? And what are you doing day to day to achieve that?

If you don’t have your purpose defined you’re not going ANYWHERE! Ideas gain strength when the ink hits the paper, so write them down in a notebook or even in your phone notes to make it real and officially set it as your goal!

Finding a purpose can be an overwhelming task. I made this little guide for you to define your purpose in 3 easy steps: FINDING YOUR PURPOSE ROADMAP

Strategy? What?

Whoa!! Strategy sounds like a ton of things to tackle at once, but if you want to build a successful and sustainable biz, you have to trace one out for yourself.

I was successful in making money because I enjoy designing and sharing my creations with my people. But…I didn’t have a strategy. No plan, no calendar, no anything. Working on the immediate things for that day was my motto…Yikes! That was draining, time-consuming, and kind of gambling my brand. Everything was dependant on my mood. Have you been there? Because I feel ya, it’s difficult to plan and create a strategy. I get you!

We artists love to create, but not necessarily to plan.

I had to map everything out, prioritize and create automated processes for my tasks, create a calendar to fulfill all my needs (personal, family, and business needs) and create content in advance. All these things helped me to free up time in my agenda. I worked out a strategy and formed good habits around my tasks to make it happen. I’ll talk in more depth about creating a strategy in the future here on this blog, so stay tuned!

Not knowing my value

I know you’re doing the same thing! You may be thinking you don’t have anything to share with the world; no one is going to listen, nobody will be interested in you, your life, your creations, or whatever it is you want to share.  Underestimating oneself is common among creatives and artists. And they tend to live and work without knowing all the power, light, and wisdom they have within. I spent about three years looking for that “something” I needed to add value to myself, just to find out that everything I needed to brighten the world was ME.

That was a eureka moment; one day I was alone in my car driving to an appointment. I was telling  myself a recap of my story, and in the middle of my monologue I began to really see myself in the mirror, to see my value, everything I am, all the things I have to share, all the ways I can serve others, not only through my artistry but through my experiences. For a moment I stopped judging myself and began to recognize myself as the valuable person I am.

We’re all a universe of knowledge, experiences, and mistakes that are worthy of sharing with others.

And here again, my friend, if you don’t give yourself the value you deserve, no one will. If you don’t face yourself in a mirror and embrace everything you are, the good and the bad, the world will miss your magic and light. If you don’t do anything different for yourself, nothing will happen. Old ways won’t open new doors!!

It has been a long process to change my old ways and I’m still working on this. Every day I need to remember my purpose and my value, repeating mantras to myself so that I don’t give up. And I’ve realized that keeping up with a strategy has helped me enormously in reaching my goals, no matter what.

What about you? Which of these mistakes are you making? Maybe 1 or 2, or maybe all of them, as I was? The first step is acceptance, so chances are you’re moving forward already. You’ve probably been making other mistakes …can you share them with me? What are the errors that haven’t allowed you to grow and what have you done about it?



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The 3 Biggest Mistakes that Were Holding Me Back

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