Hey friend!

This is my first post after launching this whole new website.

And I just wanted to share the behind the scenes of my rebranding and what inspired me to build this new Blog. So, here I’ll share the hows and whys, and I hope you enjoy reading my story.

Online website rebranding - Roselyn Carr

I launched Birdesign in 2011. Because of the huge success of my Etsy shop and my website, creatives and artists continuously reached out to me asking for tips, techniques and business strategies to grow a brand. That attention was very new to me, and I was just so flattered back then that I tried to give advice and wish the best to every creative working to build their own thing.

As years passed, Birdesign became a kind of school for me where I learned a lot about growing and running a business. I also learned a lot from making mistakes, and all the things I did and didn’t do. And wow! Today I can say I’m so grateful for all the accomplishments I’ve been able to achieve, like being a top seller on Etsy, running my online shop, supporting tons of photographers and entrepreneurs while building their brands, and creating my dream job – a six-figure business that has allowed me to be FREE.

Free to create whatever I want, free to work from whenever, free to spend time with my family, free to take more than one year of maternity leave, and free to reinvent myself as I have over the last year.

And here is the tough part, I should be a little bit scared to open my heart up to you, but at the same time, I hope you as a creative person will understand me. Even with all the good things happening, I went into a creative crisis that lasted about two years. That doesn’t mean I didn’t want to create or that I didn’t love my work, but inside I had the feeling that I needed to escalate to the next level – to the next CREATIVE level – but I didn’t know what that meant for a long time.

Last year (2018)  when I was expecting my second daughter Helena, my pregnancy and maternity leave was the perfect excuse to quiet my mind and stand still to listen to my heart and inner voice; to understand what the next step should be. I took a break from designing and just tried to find things I could really enjoy JUST BECAUSE.  I kept myself on the creative side by trying new things like painting, decorating, macrame, weaving and doing DIY crafts to keep my spirit happy by creating things. I’m so grateful my biz allowed me to take that pause.

So in the silence, in the pause and in the middle of my creative rebirth, everything began to fall into place. I began to understand my new mission: I just wanted to become a channel of knowledge for other creatives and artists, just like you, to reach that FREEDOM. To be able to take pauses, to have financial freedom, to make time for themselves and to have the freedom to create whatever they feel.

It’s time for me to share all my business secrets so you can level up your biz to grab hold of the freedom and the abundance you deserve as a creative business owner.

On this new website, I’ll be sharing all my knowledge for you to be able to:

  • Create passive income streams: so you can EARN MONEY WHILE YOU SLEEP! Literally!
  • Create smart processes for your workflow: so you have time to CREATE.
  • Build smart marketing strategies to grow and LEVEL UP YOUR BUSINESS.

On my homepage, you will find lots of  FREE CONTENT for you to implement into your business TODAY! Please take a look and download the things that resonate the most with you. I hope you will enjoy all the gifts I have for you!

Here on the Blog, you’ll find LOTS of free resources, tools, and tips about running a creative business, passive income, and marketing strategies. Basically, I’ll be sharing my expertise from the last 10 years right here, every week!

For those of you who already know me, you know that I am devoted to YOU, my audience. So if you have any questions or comments, please let me know. I’m super excited to launch this for you, so your opinion is the most important to me.

Please feel free to share this website with friends and colleagues. This site has a BUNCH of free content so anyone running a creative business will benefit from visiting.

PS. Regarding Birdesign, it’s still running and selling resources as always. I love Birdesign, and it has been the most rewarding project of my life. I’m just taking a break from designing new products as I’m working on building my new brand.

So, welcome to my NEW ONLINE HOME!!

Xo, Rose


Rebranding website - New online home - Showit
Website design and rebranding. Showit website


Welcome to my new online home

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